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Tackling Passive Churn: A New Era of Intelligent Payment Processing in the Subscription Industry

Jake V.

Jun 27, 2023

The subscription business model has taken the world by storm. From media streaming services to monthly product boxes, subscriptions are an integral part of modern commerce. However, with the rise of this business model comes a significant challenge: passive churn.

What is Passive Churn?

Passive churn refers to the unintentional loss of customers due to failed payments. These failures can occur for various reasons, including expired credit cards, insufficient funds, or technical issues with the payment gateway. Unlike active churn, where customers consciously decide to cancel a subscription, passive churn happens silently and can severely impact a company's revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV).

The Challenge of Payment Retries

To combat passive churn, companies have traditionally employed payment retry strategies. But determining the optimal time and frequency for retrying a failed payment is not a straightforward task. A poorly timed retry can lead to continued failures and frustrated customers.

The Role of Machine Learning and AI

Enter the era of intelligent payment processing. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies can optimize payment retries and dunning strategies. These technologies can analyze vast amounts of data and predict the best time to retry a payment, considering various factors such as transaction history, user behavior, and even time zones.

One such solution is FlyCode, which helps subscription companies reduce passive churn by optimizing payment retries. FlyCode's approach is unique in that it focuses on understanding individual customer patterns and preferences, allowing for a more personalized and successful retry strategy.

The Impact on Revenue and LTV

The result of intelligent payment processing is not just a reduction in passive churn. By increasing the success rate of payment retries, companies can boost revenue and enhance the LTV of their customers. It's a win-win situation where customers enjoy uninterrupted service, and companies maintain steady revenue streams.

The Future of Subscription Management

With the continuous evolution of technology and customer expectations, the subscription industry must adapt to stay ahead. Solutions like FlyCode represent a new wave of innovation, marrying data science with business strategy to create tangible results.


Passive churn is a hidden challenge that many subscription companies face. However, with the right tools and approaches, it can be managed effectively. By embracing the power of machine learning and AI, companies can transform their payment retry strategies and ensure that they are maximizing revenue, increasing LTV, and providing an uninterrupted experience for their customers.

The future of the subscription industry is bright, and intelligent solutions like FlyCode are paving the way for more efficient and customer-centric business practices.

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